This is a Matrix Aerospace lower with a Guntec 4 inch barreled upper assembly with faux suppressor. Has last round bolt hold open with the SBA3 tactical psitol brace and uses Glock 9 mm mags. Great compact truck gun, home defense firearm and just plain fun at the range. The red dot is my Cmore with my mount ,it is not included with this firearm . I used it for test fire session. Other features are as follows ,RA 140 3.5 lb trigger KNS Precison trigger pin kit, Strike Industries lower parts kit with ambi safety and a extended charging handle,with a Pase 5 handstop. Eqiupped with 5 ETS mgas and a padded range case. All you need is your own red dot. This one will be on diplay at the shop till the end of April 2019. A 7 month lay awy payment plan is available.