These are some fresh photos of my son's 1911. This was done around the end of January 2013. This just shows how cerakote holds up after more than a year.

We have changed a couple parts since then, the Sear, Hammer, and Disconnector kit from Cylinder and Slide. The Hammer Strut was also swapped for a lighter titanium one. And after the cerakote started to wear off the barrel we polished the barrel hood.

Original Post 'My son likes to make use of the spare parts we've accumulated over the years. So for his 21st birthday we got a rock island frame to use with an old US&S slide and barrel from my parts box. Most of the other parts also came out of the 1911 parts box. We went with a match bushing and full length guide rod from Wilson Combat to tighten up the fit. My son also flared and lowered the ejection port to modernize it. After it was built we test fired it without sights before coating it in Satin Mag and a Custom Dark Grey.'