This started out as a Cz 75 B Israeli surplus pistol. It had some surface issues mainly on the slide, all the parts,frame, and the barrel were in very good shape. I stripped down the entire pistol adding a CZ 85 old school trigger, Cajun Gun Works springs, CZ Custom shop thin aluminum grips, EZ9 sights from Cajun with fiber optic front . Last I installed a 10X accuracy bushing from Cajun Gun Works and then it was refinished in EFR Balck cerakote with custom Tungsten cerakote on the parts. It s a real shooter with a very nice trigger system without a $1000.00 plus price tag. I could have made this look perfect ,but that was not goal of this project, the goal was to build a shooterfor reasonable money $795.00 plus shipping and it come with 3 mags