We are a Class 1 FFL specializing in Firearm Refinishing, Customization, and Personalization. EFR opened in late 2010 initialy providing services to the greater lehigh valley, Eventually this spread and we have done business with people from coast to coast.

EFR is a family business with only 1 full time person, Although when we get busy we call in extra help to keep up with demand. Only two of us perform assembly and disassembly of firearms, Brian Ahearn the Owner/Operator and a former Marine Corps Armourer, and oldest son Zachary Ahearn Technician/Website Designer.

Every day our goal is to keep churning out cerakote work, and keep trying new things and adding new services. We don't like to tread water, and just continue to do the same things. We are constantly looking into new ideas, adding new equipment, and coming up with new ways to customize firearms.

Thanks for visiting our site and supporting our business. From all of us here at EFR, Have a Good One!