We test all firearms that we work on here at EFR, safety and function are very important to us. Cerakote and Duracoat can change the tolerances in firearms so we check during reassembly to ensure it will work properly. If necessary we will remove any excess coating on slide rails, safeties, etc to ensure the firearm will function. We also test each firearm that comes in, sometimes both before and after if we have any concerns with it. If you have a custom built, untested, or non-functioning firearm please let us know so we can take care of it. Some customers have brought in non-functioning firearms without notifying us and we will contact you if we see any problems with your firearm. You will incure the cost of any necessary repairs in such an event if you choose to have them fixed, on top of refinishing charges.


Each firearm we work on at EFR is subject to being photographed, We do this for two reasons. First we like to have a visual record of any prior damage to the firearm such as scratches and rust, along with the finished product. We like to show these photos to other customers for them to see what we can do with beat up firearms. Secondly we like to have a visual record of the firearm in the event that any damage occurs during shipping or otherwise.

Any photograph we take of a firearm is also liable to be uploaded to our website unless otherwise requested by the customer.