Shipping Firearms

Please do not ship us a firearm before contacting us.

Pistols, According to the law, must only be shipped to a valid holder of a Federal Firearms License. The receiving person needs to have an FFL, however, the sending person is not required to have one.

Rifles can be return shipped after refinishing to you, Signature Required.

When shipping a firearm to us please include a copy of our FFL in the box, to obtain a file copy please contact us.

You may ship any firearm directly to us but please include details of an FFL to return ship to for Pistols. Please note that not all shipping companies accept firearms, be sure to check beforehand. We primarily use Fedex for shipping, it's fairly quick and has never given us any problems. All items should be sent signature required.

Shipping Info

Company: Easton Firearms Refinishing

Phone: (610)-252-5334

Address: 915 Sassafras St. Easton, PA 18042

If you are shipping us a firearm for refinishing please include a copy of your driver's license and shipping information in the box. Also please give us a short description of the work you would like done, such as what colors for cerakote, etc.