Firearm Refinishing

Description Pistol Rifle/Shotgun Semi-Auto

Parts Included

Frame and Slide

Action and Barrel

Receivers, Barrel, Furniture

One Color




Two Colors




Camo/Pattern 2 Colors




Camo/Pattern 3 Colors




All Small Parts - Included




Option - Mags




Using Cerakote H-Series Baked Ceramic finishes. All Full Firearm Refinishing includes free refinishing of one magazine. The prices above include small parts estimated at $30.

Part Refinishing

Part Price

Pistol Slide or Frame – 1 Color


Pistol Slide or Frame in Camo/Pattern - 2 Colors


Pistol Slide or Frame in Camo/Pattern - 3 Colors


Pistol Magazine Base Plates


Pistol Barrels


AR Barrels


Shotgun Barrels


Rifle Stocks


Other Parts


All prices above are for Cerakote H-Series Finishes. If You're looking to have multiple firearms, knives, or parts in a matching color please be advised that we do not guarantee color matches between bottles/batches of cerakote. The type of material, temperature, and hardener ratio also have an affect on color matching.

Pricing Guide and Information

Each firearm is different, we understand that and we'll do an individual quote on each to price it accordingly. For example a Ruger 10/22 and a Remington 870 in a single color wouldn't be the same price because the Remington has a much greater surface area. Feel free to Contact Us any time via phone or email for a quote.

All prices include any disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly required, unless you ship us a firearm in pieces to be assembled. In such cases there will be an additional fee because we need to treat it as a newly built gun and verify fit, function, and safety to a greater degree.

You can send us individual parts of your firearm for coating, check out the Shipping Page.

To have any firearm coated with 4 or more colors please Contact Us for a quote.