We've got experience in many types of firearms, every single refinished firearm in the gallery has been completely disassembled and reassembled by us for coating. EFR also has over twenty years of combined firearm experience, in both Usage & Armouring, and thirty years experience in Automotive Painting.

If you're interested in doing some upgrades but aren't sure what to do or where to start take a look at our Gun Gallery or our Gun Blog. We've got many custom firearms there with plenty of upgraded parts, custom finishes, optics, stocks, and grips to check out. Anyone with questions or looking for a quote should visit our Contact Us page.

Barrel Threading/Recrowning

CDI Customs does barrel recrowning and threading for us, They can also modify muzzle brakes for different calibers, etc. We've done a lot of Mosin Nagants using 1/2 x 28 TPI threads, where they open up the inside diameter of the muzzle break from .223 to approximately .320 for us. This can only be done with certain beefy muzzle devices but it gives you an idea of the customization available.

Custom Milling

We're currently looking into adding in house services or finding a new reliable vendor for milling.

Custom Builds

If you want a firearm built specifically to your order you've got the right place. We can customize any firearm to suit your needs. We've done custom AR-15s, Mosins, SKSs, AKs, Mausers, 10-22s, Mini-14s, and a wide variety of other shotguns, rifles, and pistols.

If your interested in having a firearm worked on or built please visit our Contact Us page.

Scope Mounting

We've installed a variety of scope mounting systems on Mosins, Mausers, SKSs, AKs. We're also a Rock Solid Industries Dealer, for those of you with Mosin-Nagants.

We'll drill and tap the receiver as needed for the chosen mounting system, Paying special attention to proper alignment. Then we'll install the mount using Red Loctite to ensure it will hold zero.