Pistol Sight Replacement - $20 to $35 (Front and Rear)

EFR has Precision MGW Pushers for Sigs, Glocks, H&Ks, S&Ws, and 1911s, As well as a workbench mounted Meprolight USIT which supports over 40 pistols including Kimbers with it's various attachments.

We can install aftermarket Tritium, Night, Fiber Optic, and Other types of Front and Rear Sights on Pistols.

Pricing can vary as some aftermarket sights may require fitting, and some sight cuts are difficult to work with ( aka. Kimber, Kahr ). Sight Removal and Installation is included in refinishing costs for most models even if you would like a new set installed. Cost above does not include the cost of the sights.

For those with Kahr Pistols the factory sights tend to break when they're removed from the slide because of how they're made. The replacements sights also need to be carefully fit on these pistols.

Custom Sight Options

Lately we've been modifying sights and sight cuts to fit models for which no aftermarket sights are available. We're offering this service on a variety of CZ Clones such as EA Witness, Sar Arms, and Canik Pistols. If you have another type of unique, new to market, or less popular firearm feel free to contact us, We might be able to help out.

On Certain models we can drill out the center of the existing front sight to replace it with a fiber optic, on others we will fit a CZ-75 or similar front/rear sight as needed. Contact Us for a quote.

Pistol Sight Milling - Starting at $120

We can send out firearms to CDI Customs or directly to Novak for new sight cuts. Turn around will vary due to shipping and their current workload. Available Cuts are Standard Novak, Bomar, and RMR Reflex Sight.